Current research projects using spatial ecology framework:

(1) Quantify the spatial dynamic of species distributions and assemblages using modeling and spatial analysis;

(2) Developing monitoring indicators of ecosystem services using network theory;

(3) Investigate species spatial responses (movement, dispersal, species interactions) to landscape spatial heterogeneity as modified by disturbances and global change at the home range and geographical range levels using as model species insect, dragonfly, birds, and large mammals;

(4) Modify undirected spatial graph algorithms designed for terrestrial landscapes in order to quantify (a) temporal connectivity, (b) stream network (riverscape) directionally, (c) predator-prey spatial interactions, and (d) significant differences among spatial graphs based on landscape and genetic connectivity;

(5) Develop reserve networks that can functionally promote species persist through time given forecasted global changes;

(6) Investigate the synergetic effects of natural (fire, insect outbreak) and human (harvesting) disturbances on the maintenance of biodiversity and forest sustainability.