Marie-Josée Fortin

University Professor, FRSC
Canada Research Chair in Spatial Ecology
An ecologist by training, Marie-Josée has four main research areas: spatial ecology, disturbance ecology, conservation, and spatial statistics. Her research program studies the effects of global change (land-use and climate) on species spatial dynamics at the landscape and geographical range levels both in multiuse forested ecosystems and aquatic networks to maintain biodiversity and species conservation.

Graduate Students

Peter Rodriguez
PhD Student
Ecosystem Services
Jack Goldman
PhD Student
Cumulative effects of disturbances
[Main advisor: Patrick James; co-advisor: Marie-Josee Fortin]
Niamh Wall
PhD Student
Landscape genetics and conservation of Blanding’s turtle
[Main advisor: Patrick James, co-advisor: Marie-Josee Fortin]
Christopher Brimacombe
PhD Student
Spatio-temporal dynamics of species and disease
Germain Collinge Menard
MSc Student
Spatial distribution of bats
Shelley Wang
MSc Student
Spatial distribution of trees</td

Postdoctoral Fellows

Tiziana A. Gelmi Candusso
Small mammals movement in urban ecosystems

Jun-Long Huang
Modeling forest dynamics using a network approach

Sebastian Theis
Guidelines to monitor ecosystem services h